<p>Mobile trailer canopies offer everything from an escape for clients to a garage for teams.</p>

Mobile trailer canopies offer everything from an escape for clients to a garage for teams.

  • Fabric selection

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    To enhance a project site intended for use by the public, designers can turn to the family of specialty fabrics. The "active" or kinetic aspects of fabric, together with their color and festivity, give them a powerful edge over "hard" materials that are inert and often restricted to earth tones.

    Integration: Banners and flags provide colorful and economical ways to dress up a building or boulevard. They can integrate parts of a shopping district attractively and inexpensively. Seasonal decorating, special events and everyday activities provide opportunities for decorating with fabric.

    Color: Brightly colored fabrics don't have to be printed with advertisements to catch an eye and "sell" a business service. A striking color leaves a strong impression.

    Movement: The movement of banners and flags is a major advantage over fixed billboards and signs. When something moves, the eye is inevitably drawn to it.

    Variety: Frequent changes in familiar settings attract attention. Since banners and flags are relatively easy to mount and remove, whole new looks can evolve from simply changing colors.

    Function: Fabric pieces can enhance a variety of locations and are available in many formats for installation across streets, on light poles, on buildings and on flagpoles. They can be one- or two-sided, mounted with rope or cable and come in any shape or size.